Becton Wallace is from Atlanta, Georgia and still lives there with her husband and three children. Growing up she would take all the art classes could during and after school. She began taking metelsmithing classes after college and loved how creative the fabrication process can be for each piece. She works mainly with sterlings silver, 14kt yellow gold, 14kt gold filled and 18kt bi-metal, which is a thin layer of 18kt yellow gold on sterling silver. She enjoys shaping, soldering and texturing these metals. She also enjoys working with beautiful natural diamonds, semi-precious stones and other natural elements. Becton started her jewelry business in 2008 and was very busy filling jewelry orders for retailers and online. 

Over the past 10 years her jewelry designs have changed and grown along with her family. While being a full time mother, she still makes time to designs and handmake each piece of jewelry. This is her time to be inspired by the design process. She has been working on new designs with a simplicity that can be worn everyday or out on the town. We hope that you enjoy these designs as much as she enjoys making them. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.  

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